Mulai dari saat ini,,,

blog ini hanya tentang aku,,

ya ya ya,,, this is “Just about me”

Thanks 🙂

Dear Ngacir,,,

You know what,, i am broken,,
I feel that everybody take my happiness,,

I feel lonely,,
I miss my sun shine,,
But what can i do,, i can’t take my sunshine.

They always think i dont’ care,,
they think i don’t deserve…

You know waht is the most stupid thing..
I never complain, even it is really heart my hart..

I am in two sides
Be a good girl in their eyes, but never happy..
Be a bad girl in their eyes, but find my happiness..

Ngacir,, I miss my sun shine so muchh

Help me Dear Allah,,

Show me the best.

Tired to cry,,